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Our brisket is hand trimmed
and seasoned with our special blend salt and spice slow smoked 12-16 hours with hickory and oak.


Goodland chicken rub a citrus and herb blend that pays homage to the orchards that once stood here..
Slow cooked with hickory & apple wood finished off with a quick sear.


What more can we say .. its an 805 thing .. Seasoned with our beef blend reverse seared after an oak smoke bath cooked medium rare and sliced thin against the grain..

Beef Ribs

Our beef back ribs are also seasoned lightly with our beef blend slow smoked for 3-5 hours with hickory and oak

Pork Belly

Porkbelly bites

Our porkbelly bites are seasoned with our pork rub and smoked with apple and oak wood.

pulled pork santa barbara

Pulled Pork

Our smoked pulled pork is seasoned with our special pork seasoning cooked 5-10 hours with hickory and applewood ..

Pork Ribs Goodland BBq

Pork Ribs

Our baby back ribs are seasoned with our special pork blend slow smoked 3- 5 hours with hickory and applewood

Goleta's Only Texas Style Barbecue In Santa Barbara County

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5725 Hollister Ave.
Tues-Saturday 11:00-8pm
Sundays 12pm-8pm

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Great BBQ! This place is awesome, great staff. We had a big party and everyone loved what they got. The perfectly spiced pork ribs, the tender tri tip and the mouth watering juicy chicken were all exceptional! The sides were just as yummy, the chili beans tasted home made and the macaroni salad was great too! We will be back for sure!
Sue Shepard
Everything was really good! The Mac n cheese is way better and more full of cheese than I usually find at bbq places and didn’t disappoint. The cornbread has a honey butter topping and was just right…not dry, not doughy. The ribs are long, full ones and I didn’t expect that so I ordered too much food (though I took it home and it reheated well). A “single meat” portion would’ve been enough, especially with the chili, which is very hearty and filling. Definitely anxious to get back there!
James Sturgeon
Our company had a Thankgiving lunch and ordered for 20 people: Brisket 3 lbs Tri-Tip 3 lbs Chicken 10 pc Beef Ribs 2 rack Hot Links 10 links sliced Potato Salad 5x 8oz Chili Beans 5x 8oz Cole Slaw 5x 8oz Garlic Bread 15 pc Side Salad 10 each BBQ Sauce Reg 2x 8oz Everyone loved the BBQ! There was plenty BBQ left for after holiday. I took some home. Brisket was the best, melt in your mouth, even the chicken was great. The chili beans had big chunks of meat in it, but had a hot kick to it. Definitely ordering again from Goodland BBQ for a company event.
Woodly H.

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