Our Story

Serving The Best BBQ In Town

Our Story

Serving the best BBQ in town

Dine In Or Take Out

Out Pit master has to work hard to smoke our meats to perfection and in a way that lets you bring the quality of our meals into your home. We always love to see you in person, but even when we can’t we ensure that your dining experience is top notch! 

Meat Our Chef PitMaster

Our chef is a 5the generation Santa Barbara native who was basically raised in the kitchen. His early start in the family business at El Paseo & Somerset restaurants in the late 70s and 80s continued at various other restaurants in the city after the family closed up and retired.  

Later moving south to start his own business in the photo and film industry Chef Tony Bones has developed his own style and love for barbecue and now 20 years later and decided partner up with long time friend Tom Ramirez to bring every thing he has learned back home to share some of his favorites with everyone in his hometown at Goodland BBQ.

Seasonal and Local

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That’s why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets. No matter what time of year, you can be sure you’re eating the best delicious BBQ.


5725 Hollister Ave.
Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am -8:00pm
Sundays 12pm – 8:00pm
Monday’s Closed

How Our Main Dishes Are Prepared

Goodland BBQ Brisket


Our brisket is hand trimmed
and seasoned with our special blend salt and spice slow smoked 12-13 hours with hickory and oak.


Goodland chicken rub a citrus and herb blend that pays homage to the orchards that once stood here..
Slow smoked with hickory & apple wood finished off with a quick sear.


what more can we say .. its an 805 thing .. Seasoned with our beef blend reverse seared after an oak smoke bath cooked medium rare and sliced thin against the grain..

Beef Ribs

Our beef back ribs are also seasoned lightly with our beef blend slow smoked for 3-5 hours with hickory and oak

Pork Belly

Pork belly bites

Our pork belly bites are seasoned with our pork rub and smoke with apple and oak wood.

pulled pork santa barbara

Pulled Pork

Our smoked pulled pork is seasoned with our special pork seasoning cooked 5-10 hours with hickory and applewood ..

Pork Ribs Goodland BBq

Pork Ribs

Our baby back ribs are seasoned with our special pork blend slow smoked 3- 5 hours with hickory and applewood

Customers Reviews

What people are saying...

Tony bones makes the best Brisket I have every tasted.
Amanda Lee
I highly recommend anything that Tony is cooking. He is an amazing chef!
Adam Cheise

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